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The Kogod School of Business Center for Business Communications empowers students to become confident, innovative, and strategic business communicators who will drive meaningful change. Through peer-to-peer mentorship, students master business writing, presentation skills, and persuasive speaking. 

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Hello. I'm Miguel Wilson. I am a sophomore business administration major, and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

The Center for Business Communications is a resource for business students to come in and get feedback from peer consultants on their papers and presentations. The skills that employers value most are definitely soft skills, so you're speaking and communication skills.

You get the one-on-one time with someone that has an immense amount of experience and training, and you can utilize that when you're communicating with your peers, also with talking to your professors, or writing business memos, any kind of papers that you have or presentations.

Developing your soft skills can help immensely when communicating with potential employers. It helps a lot with networking, just kind of becoming more comfortable with communicating with people that you're just meeting. It's really cool to have students come in and see them develop their own skills. It's really very rewarding.

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