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Graduating from the Kogod School of Business is not the end of our relationship. From career advising to events to networking, we provide opportunities for our alumni to come back and engage both at Kogod and around the world.

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Here at Kogod, we have the Office of Career Engagement. This is a career center that students would have worked with while they're here at school but even after graduation. We also love to have our alumni back to campus for many reasons, really to connect with our current students.

Since I've graduated from Kogod, I've had the opportunity to continue to use the Office of Career Engagement. I've had access to my career coach. I've had them review my resume to update it since I've become a recent graduate.

Since I've graduated, I've stayed in touch with several of the faculty that I had over the course of my time at Kogod. They've all offered to provide any sort of advice or feedback with these early stages of my new career. I've also been asked to participate in alumni panels, and I foresee that continuing in the future.

Typically, our alums stay local, a lot of them do. And so, we have a lot of students that are able-- or former students that are able to come back and participate in networking receptions to recruit the next batch of students to come out. So there's a lot of opportunity.

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