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Nurture Your Network

Our alumni network is extensive and global, with thousands of graduates ready and willing to help you make an impact. Kogod School of Business students regularly engage with alumni who come back to campus for social events, industry days, and networking opportunities. As an alumnus, you’ll join a community of passionate business leaders working to change the world for the better.

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You know, networking is an absolute critical skill for everyone. I think what Kogod is really strong at is really helping identify what those needs are, figuring out the environment that we're in.

And of course, being in Washington, DC is just an amazing place to be in terms of opportunities for things that are on campus as well as for opportunities that are off campus for it.

Kogod provided several opportunities to network, whether it was bringing a local career executive in for an intimate lunch or setting up a Kogod alumni networking event. We constantly were networking and meeting new people from the area.

Going to these networking receptions, I gain perspective on potential paths for the future for me. You get to garner new connections with people that have real-world experiences and can even just give you great life advice.

Kogod does a great job of bringing back alumni for all kinds of events. Some are social events and just for fun. Others are very specific for different, maybe, industry days that they may have or consultancy days. But I think Kogod does a really good job of integrating in different alumni for different needs that the school's offering up.