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Experience Our Passion for Green

American University became the first carbon neutral university in the US—two years ahead of schedule. All 84 acres of the campus are an accredited arboretum, home to 390 species and varieties of woody plants and ranked no. 4 among the most beautiful urban campuses by Best Choice Schools. Home to birds, butterflies, squirrels, and even a cat, the campus provides an oasis among the hustle and bustle of DC.

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Hi. I'm Megan Litke. I'm the Director of Sustainability for American University.

The Kogod School of Business is a great space to escape from the busyness of downtown DC because our campus is so green. There are plenty of nooks and crannies that feature places where you can sit and look for birds or butterflies and other animals that are native to DC.

One, the campus is gorgeous. Kogod is set right in the middle of trees and the quad, which is a wide-open space. And here, you're in a city without feeling it. You really feel like you're at home.

American University became the first university in the United States to be carbon neutral this past spring. And what that means is that we have managed or reduced all of our sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the best way that we possibly can.

All 84 acres of our campus are an accredited arboretum, and that means that we have plants from around the world and that we have signs up around our campus as well to help educate anybody who comes to our campus about the types of plants that we have, where they come from, even what their Latin names are.

We live in such a way that everything's kind of automatic. The things we use, like textbooks, paper, cars and everything like that contribute a lot to that. And so that testifies to the amount of effort that Kogod and AU have put in to compensate for that.

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