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Join the Kogod Legacy

The Kogod School of Business is DC’s oldest accredited business school. When you join Kogod, you join a 60-year tradition of success. Our network of alumni and faculty provide support and access to opportunities throughout the DC area—all in a tight-knit community where you can meaningfully connect with professors, staff, and fellow students.

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The Kogod School of Business is the oldest accredited business school in Washington, DC. We've been doing business with businesspersons throughout the Washington area for generations and with multiple contacts that we've been able to achieve over that period of time. We have more connections with business in the Washington area than perhaps any other business school in the area.

A fun fact about Kogod is the fact that it is the first accredited and the oldest business school in DC. Also the university, which includes the business school, was chartered by Congress in 1893. When you join Kogod, you join a legacy.

Being a member of the Kogod community, being a graduate of the Kogod school can be used to meet other American University alumni and other people associated with the Kogod School. And there will be a bond-- there is a connection between individuals who attended this university and learned together.

At Kogod I've had countless opportunities to network with alumni. And they've all been extremely helpful and providing insight on what it's like to graduate from Kogod and be a part of that legacy.

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