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Learn by Doing

At the Kogod School of Business, every program we offer gives you the unique opportunity to complete hands-on projects with real clients and real results. Through internships, global travel, and a dedicated Office of Career Engagement, we help build your path from passion to success.

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I think students here, and definitely me, have had a lot of opportunities to practice and implement what we've learned in classes in a variety of forms. They want you to apply what you've learned. They want to teach you what you can actually use in the workplace. And so, giving you opportunities like internships, panels, networking events where you can actually apply what you learned in talking to people, apply what you learned in working is super important.

Kogod really has a commitment to finding students internships in interesting places and with great companies. And we have internship fairs here. We host a lot of companies that come in to meet with students to make sure that our students get to meet a lot of people, get to see what's available out there, and make the right choices when they're choosing internships.

One of my favorite parts about interning is being able to actually interact with a client. My school has prepared me for the work I'm doing so they can trust that I can do it well or that I'm ready to learn. They help you get ready to apply your skills but also acknowledge that you're going to have a lot to learn and help you prepare for that and how to gain the most from that.