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Join a Tight-Knit Community

At the Kogod School of Business, we keep class sizes small—15-20 people—ensuring a tight-knit community where you can meaningfully connect with professors, staff, and fellow students. Our expert faculty are seasoned practitioners, many of whom are still employed at leading national firms. You’ll work one-on-one with them, building valuable relationships that extend well past graduation.

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Here at Kogod, the professors engage with our students in a really meaningful way. Our doors are always open. We're always happy to sit down and have coffee or lunch. We're not just in a classroom and then we're gone. That's not the kind of school Kogod is. The professors here serve the students. We enjoy getting together with them and having a community with them.

We have small class sizes here. You're never going to have more than 35 students in a class. And that creates a really nice dynamic between student and professor. It's the culture here for our faculty to be accessible to students, and beyond just office hours. We have a wonderful group of students now. I see students from all over the world. From all walks of life. All here together to learn.

To have this amazing college experience and get to know each other. They are excited to learn. And that's kind of the common thread that I see throughout the Kogod community is an excitement. From students, wherever they're from, whatever their background is, they're here to learn. And that's what really stands out to me about the community.

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