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Affect Change Through Practice

At the Kogod School of Business, we are inspired by the pursuit of knowledge. That’s why, outside of the classroom, we offer plenty of opportunities to practice what you’re learning. Flex your problem-solving skills with our annual case competition, oversee half a million dollars in our Student Managed Investment Fund, or work as a tax volunteer with our Tax Policy Center.

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Our students have a definite impact upon policy. We actually have a course in tax policy, where students meet with the representatives from Congress and the Treasury Department and the IRS and draft proposals for their consideration in changing the law.

Experiential learning is a real focus in Kogod, and we think it's a reason that a lot of students choose Kogod. We want students to be strong practitioners. Students also have to understand how to execute what they have learned in the classroom in the real world and translate those things to a real-world experience.

The Tax Volunteer Program is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn how to do taxes and then apply what they've learned in the real world to help the local community who may not necessarily know how to do their own taxes or have the means to pay for someone to do their taxes.

In the Kogod School, students have a continuing responsibility and desire to go out into the world and do real things for real people. And so we have students with internships working with other business persons to accomplish real goals and real tasks in the real world.

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