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The American University Center for Innovation is one of the world’s top 20 entrepreneurship centers. The center’s incubator has accepted over 45 student-led start-ups which have generated $1.5 million in revenue. With over 50 affiliated expert faculty, the AU Center for Innovation incubator helps students from across the university create successful and meaningful ventures.

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The American University Center for Innovation, AUCI, is a center on the American University Campus which provides an opportunity for students who are interested in doing startup companies a platform and a resource to help them develop their ideas.

There's opportunities to pitch to investors. In the spring, there's a showcase. So that's a way for the community to get to see what students are working on.

We've had approximately 60 ventures that have come through since the time we opened up. We currently have about 22 in the Incubator right now.

One of the cool things about it is the professors who are in the Incubator, the directors, really try to bring out your creative side in creating your own venture, but also the business side that goes into a startup, which is really cool.

We sponsor some of our own competitions every fall. Being in Washington, DC, it's an amazing startup ecosystem here, all kinds of events going on at other incubators around the area, accelerator programs. There's all kinds of competition, pitches that are going on. And we really, really encourage our ventures to take advantage of that and to go out into the community and explore other options.

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